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October/November 2017

  • Make the most of visiting
  • What is "A-Fib"?
  • Fire prevention at home

September/October 2017

  • Caregiver loss: How well are you coping?
  • The ability to make health care decisions
  • Nail care

August/September 2017

  • The caregiver-friendly car
  • Medicare's Triple Aim
  • Is heartburn a problem?

June/July 2017

  • Talking to your parents about money
  • Is it sepsis?
  • If the unexpected happens

May/June 2017

  • Avoiding the "War of the Wardrobe"
  • Preventing a second heart attack
  • "Promise you won't …"

April/May 2017

  • Making medical decisions in a crisis
  • Visits: more than just business
  • Preventing aspiration pneumonia

March/April 2017

  • Medical deductions
  • "Sometimes I feel furious!"
  • Getting pneumonia while hospitalized

February/March 2017

  • Caregiving and your partner
  • After a heart attack
  • Mealtime and dementia

January/February 2017

  • Helping resolutions stick
  • When the attorney shuts you out
  • Probiotics: The “good” bacteria